Brand Storytelling



Many organizations can describe WHAT they do, but few can explain WHY they do it. Premier, a client for more than 10 years, needed a consistent story that all sales reps could use. They needed straightforward selling points that explained WHY issues such as standardization, transparency, safety and sustainability are important, and WHY Premier offered the best program. 

Premier Annual Report


“WHY” started as the theme for the annual report we were creating, but quickly grew into a larger marketing campaign. After a decade of working with Premier, we knew their customers’ pain points very well. The WHY campaign acknowledged each point and answered it with a solution. And by visually isolating each pain point discussion – rather than running them together in a long narrative – we made it easy for sales reps to quickly zero in on selling points that were relevant to each prospective customer. With bit of advance research, the Premier rep could now construct a customized discussion for each sales call.

Premier Trade Show

Our campaign execution included brochures, customizable digital presentations, and branded banners to display at company locations, presentations and industry events. The client also took the WHY messaging and graphics in-house and applied them to internally-produced communications. 

Why Brochure

With Premier’s focus on three customer segments – healthcare, higher education and commercial – we knew that each segment had different pain points and required different language. That’s why in the second phase of the campaign, we adapted the WHY materials to each customer segment, with unique language and images that would resonate with each industry. 

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"I've worked with many creative agencies in my career, and you guys are by far the best. Year after year, I'm amazed how fresh and creative your solutions are, and how you're strategically on target with our changing objectives."

David Bermingham
US Foods, Vice President
$24 billion foodservice company

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Dominique Murray
US Foods, Director of Marketing
$24 billion foodservice company

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"You definitely understand us better than other creative design agencies we have dealt with, and that means a lot."

Christian Burger
President, Burger Consulting Group
Information Technology Consulting