Niche Targeting

Launching a new Executive degree program required targeting a very narrow audience – in this case, Chicago-area physicians with at least 5 years of clinical experience. It also required changing the prevailing mindset of how they should take their next career step into healthcare management.

uic clinician


A digital campaign using LinkedIn InMails proved to be the best way to market the new Clinician Executive HMA degree, by …

  • Targeting narrowly to efficiently reach the right audience
  • Focusing messages on the benefits of this degree versus a traditional MBA
  • Creating a friction-less path to conversion

LinkedIn Target InMail

We narrowed in by using LinkedIn’s geographic, demographic and job title filters, and personalized the approach with the voice of the program’s Executive Director. Clicks led to a focused landing page – optimized for mobile – with supporting messaging and a clear call-to-action (form fill). The strategy was supplemented by print advertising in Chicago Medicine magazine.

Clinician Ad

Enrolling for this degree is a high-value “transaction” for advanced professionals. It takes time and repeated exposures to build awareness. That’s why we set our campaign goal as form fills, rather than applications or enrollment. But even after the first two months, results were significant: we reached physicians, got their attention, motivated them to action and gave our client’s CRM database a good start:

  • 42% open rate (exceeded LinkedIn’s benchmark)
  • 5.5% CTR
  • 50 forms submitted to date (high for this narrow audience)

"We needed to reach a narrow audience, build awareness and generate leads. Studio V’s digital results surprised us. Open rates and CTRs exceeded the benchmark, and leads kept rolling in months after the campaign ended.”

Cherie Weinewuth
Health Policy and Administration
UIC School of Public Health

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"You all demonstrated such passion and dedication...that is seemed you were one of our own team members." 

Theresa Madden
Director, US Foods  

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"The Studio V Design effort gave us a common platform for all public communication. Our sales reps knew what to say. We had a consistent positioning. Our workers had an icon to rally around. We are better off today than two years ago."

Phil Brown
Vice President - Marketing RR Donnelley
$3 billion communications provider

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"I've worked with many creative agencies in my career, and you guys are by far the best. Year after year, I'm amazed how fresh and creative your solutions are, and how you're strategically on target with our changing objectives."

David Bermingham
Vice President, US Foods
$24 billion foodservice company