Markets keep changing. Do you?

By Anna Mihajiovic
June 06 | 2018
All organizations, whether well-established or just starting out, need to make sure their brand and messaging keep up with changing markets. Take a look at these two organizations at very different stages in their “life” … read more >

Strategy. Technology. Creativity. Shake well and pour.

March 14 | 2017
It’s tough keeping up with exciting, new digital marketing technologies. It’s even tougher making sure technology doesn’t overwhelm the message. Recently, we managed to balance the two – and learned some valuable things along the way, including what NOT to do on mobile. read more >

Three secrets to long client relationships.

October 28 | 2016
3 years on average. That’s how long agency-client relationships last these days. But we just finished our 14th year of Annual Reports for a large client. That got us to thinking, what’s the key to long client relationships? read more >

Meet Your New Marketing Consultant, Jigglypuff

October 10 | 2016
Don’t recognize the name? How about some of his colleagues – PsyDuck, Scythe, Dratini or Aerodactyl? They’re Pokémon Go characters, from the smartphone game app downloaded over 100 million times since its July launch. read more >

Client Launch Goes Above and BEYOND

August 24 | 2016
BEYOND LLC is the newest entry into the billion-dollar healthcare IT security compliance market – and Studio V Design’s third company launch in the past year. read more >

2016 Communications Award Winner

May 02 | 2016
Collaborating with SmithGroup/JJR, one of the largest architecture, engineering and planning firms in the U.S., we documented their development plan for Morgan Shoal into a book that tells the story of this unique stretch of Chicago’s lakefront and the vision for its future. And the team just won a Communications Award for it, from the American Society of Landscape Architects (Illinois Chapter)! read more >

Ethos. Pathos. Logos. Aristotle. And an elephant.

April 12 | 2016
How do you market to your audience when 85% of them are illiterate? Traveling in rural India this past January, we saw this logo hand-stenciled wherever a bare white wall beckoned (labor is cheaper than printing in India). Can you guess the product? read more >

Prescription for a Magazine Make-over

February 26 | 2016
How do you give a fresh face to a 150-year old legacy? The University of Illinois College of Pharmacy is one of the oldest in the nation. They have a vibrant research mission, an innovative clinical program and a strong commitment to diversity. read more >

Cook County Campgrounds

By publisher
November 20 | 2015
For the first time in 50 years, camping facilities are available to the public throughout Cook County, IL. Studio V Design was selected to develop the visual identity, digital campaign and marketing communications to promote the campgrounds and entice Chicagoans to experience the great outdoors. read more >

Paper Persona

By Melissa Bach
October 07 | 2015
Each year, Unisource / Veritiv, a global paper distributor, hosts a Paper Show in Chicago… where the city’s design community gathers to see innovations in paper, to be inspired, and to see the year’s best in-print designs. It’s the designer gathering of the year. read more >

Branding Higher Education

September 29 | 2015
How do you launch a new brand for the largest university in Chicago and one of the top public research universities in the country? By creating a campaign that appeals to the head as well as the heart, and then finding the right digital and traditional media to get the message across. It worked – the campaign helped increase applications 19% to record-breaking enrollment levels. read more >

How travel influences work: the global movement of ideas

September 03 | 2015
We love to travel. New sights, different foods, new friends. It gives us perspective on how big – and small – the world really is. Traveling expands our minds and creativity, and it influences our marketing communications work, too. read more >

2 days. 16 hours. 1300 visitors.

By Melissa Bach
November 06 | 2014
The Chicago Architecture Foundation warned us that our historic office building would be popular on their Open House Chicago tour, but we were floored by the turnout. read more >

Sharing our inspirational work space: October 18-19, 2014

August 15 | 2014
You know that gorgeous, historic Louis Sullivan building on Lincoln Avenue, right in the heart of Lincoln Square? Well, we are lucky to call that space our office. We admired this building for years before we called it home. And we suspect that you’ve admired it for years too (are you one of our regular window gawkers?). read more >

Advancing Creativity

By publisher
March 28 | 2014
We have all heard of, seen, or used 3D printing, but we don't yet know the full impact of how this advance in technology will impact the world of design. read more >

Poster design contest entries due April 7

By publisher
March 18 | 2014
The city of Chicago is holding an Earth Day poster design competition based on a plan designed by our studio. read more >

Building a Sustainable Region

By admin
October 10 | 2013
Our concepts and designs can be found in the recently released Building a Sustainable Region, a report highlighting the sustainability contributions of 18 of Chicago's Fortune 200 companies. read more >