Annual Report: Different


For the past 14 years, we’ve designed and written the annual report for this $5 billion healthcare purchasing organization. This requires a fresh creative approach year after year to produce a key communication that's used as a marketing tool as well as a report to members.

Each year, we meet with Premier’s leadership to determine goals, key messages and a theme to reflect the past year. Then we interview customers, collect data, and write and design the 36-pg. report – as well as handle photography, printing and mailing 20,000 copies.

This year’s theme of DIFFERENT focuses on what sets Premier apart from the competition.


Moving Passengers

Regional Transportation Authority

The Chicago-area RTA transit system is the second largest in the country by passenger miles traveled and third largest by ridership. Moving passengers is their mission, so our Annual Report theme of “Move. Forward. Together.” brings their three systems together (CTA, Metra, PACE), with a design that shows forward-thinking motion. 32 pages of infographics, charts, maps, photos and narrative highlight the RTA’s work in capital investments and rider services. And our design of 7 color-coded transit maps helps riders plan their travel throughout the 6-county area.

Magazine Make-over

University of Illinois College of Pharmacy

After rebranding the entire university, we had an opportunity to integrate the new look-and-feel onto this college’s magazine – a crucial marketing tool to reach alumni. We also re-engineered the whole process with a rigorous project schedule, book-mapping, and collaborative editing and project management software. The magazine’s fresh new face now captures the college’s spirit of innovation while still respecting its 100-year history. 

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Then compare the entire magazine before we took it over versus after our re-design


Marketing Brochure

US Foods

Foodservice distribution is a competitive world where multi-billion companies work on razor-thin margins. Getting the attention of prospects ­– hospital executives and university administrators – is one challenge. Communicating what makes you truly different is another. With the help of bold visuals, this brochure outlines 3 reasons why US Foods is best positioned to help foodservice operators.

Annual Report: Strength


Thousands of hospitals and senior living facilities across the country can access Premier’s collective leverage and resources to improve healthcare. That’s why we chose “Strength In Numbers” as the theme for this annual report. For 14 years, we have designed and written the annual report for this $5 billion healthcare purchasing organization.

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University of Illinois College of Dentistry

IGNITE was the theme of a university-wide $750 million fundraising campaign, and this brochure helped the College of Dentistry put their unique spin on it. Although UIC ranks among the top 2% of the world’s most prestigious dental schools, funding remains a critical issue. Starting with a “book map” to help us organize 24 pages of information, we coordinated new photography, sorted through past images, and designed a compelling layout that communicated the college’s initiatives and need for funding.  

WHY Brochure Series


Many organizations can describe WHAT they do, but few can explain WHY they do it. The WHY campaign was developed to tell the essential story of this company. After 10 years of working with Premier, we knew their customers’ pain points very well, and were able to answer each “WHY” with targeted messages for their healthcare, university and commercial business segments. The WHY graphics and messaging were extended onto banners, brochures, an annual report, digital presentations and more.

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Custom Fit

Illinois Housing Development Authority

This government agency needed to grab the attention of potential homeowners and promote affordable programs that met their financial budget and personal dreams. We developed a folder with detailed inserts to meet the needs of homeowners.  This color-coded folder system help the IHDA reach their target audience.