Digital Marketing


In digital marketing, there’s plenty of fast talk sprinkled with alphabet soup – PPC, SEO, CTR, CPC, etc. What’s missing are words like strategy, marketing and creativity. Digital agencies sometimes lack the marketing experience and creative spark that a successful campaign needs.

At Studio V Design, creativity and marketing have been in our DNA long before digital was born. We’re relentless about understanding the audience, strategizing digital campaigns, targeting precisely, creating compelling words and graphics, measuring results, testing alternatives and adjusting tactics.

And when it comes to purchasing media – digital or traditional – we negotiate hard and buy smart. But our work doesn’t stop there. Managing vendors, confirming placements, tracking results against goals and optimization are all part of the job.

The result? Actionable insights that deliver continuous ROI improvement.


Media Infographic


Brand Awareness

University of Illinois

In year 1, the goal was awareness: rebuild outdated perceptions of Chicago’s largest university. Year 2 was all about increasing applications. Both required a digital strategy, campaign platform, messaging and design – as well as purchasing and managing digital media. Google Adwords, Pandora, Facebook and key websites, along with technologies like hyper-local targeting and programmatic display allowed us to target the right prospects and geography. With CTRs exceeding industry benchmarks, the campaigns helped increase applications 19% to record-breaking enrollment levels.

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Growing Customer Accounts

US Foods

Studio V Design helped the country’s 2nd largest foodservice distributor target restaurant chains with a digital marketing campaign. Our creative focused on key pain points for growing chains, and the landing page delivered on the ad’s promise by offering a free industry report and a free evaluation of operational efficiency. The campaign generated 300 initial sales leads.

Narrow Targeting

University of Illinois, School of Public Health

To launch a new executive healthcare degree, our narrowly-focused digital strategy used Linked InMails to reach Chicago physicians with 5+ years of clinical experience, and led them to a focused landing page with a strong call-to-action and lead-capture form. Supported by print advertising, our messaging promoted the advantages of this healthcare-focused degree versus an executive MBA. We reached physicians, got their attention and motivated them to action – far exceeding industry benchmarks (42% open rate, 5.5% CTR).

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Promoting Recreation

Cook County, IL

To promote the county’s new camping facilities, our Media Plan targeted diverse ethnic families with a Google Adwords campaign, website display ads, digital and print newspaper ads, and radio. Our Adwords campaign identified negative keywords to ensure a low CPC; focused on keywords that have low competition; and restricted geo-targeting to Cook County residents. We also designed the logo and print communications, coordinated ad placements and managed the media vendors.

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Marketing Higher Education

University of Illinois at Chicago, Business School

Phase 1: Revamp the previous agency’s under-performing digital strategy and correct media spend inefficiencies. Narrower targeting and a stronger keyword list brought ads to the right audiences, with more impressions, a 39-fold increase in clicks, doubled email open rates and reduced CPC from $10.20 to $1.82.
Phase 2: Rebrand the creative and build all-new display, search, paid social and Internet radio campaigns, with new photography, compelling messaging and conversion-ready landing pages. These campaigns helped give the business college the largest enrollment gains of all 13 UIC colleges.

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